Integrate CompanyCam + HOVER

Integrate CompanyCam + Hover to manage your job site documentation easier than ever before!

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Our photos and HOVER measurements work hand-in-hand to help your business run smoother. Photos and measurements generated in HOVER automatically sync to the correct project in CompanyCam, keeping all your information in one place.

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Before you start

What is Hover?

HOVER transforms photos of any property into an accurate, interactive 3D model. Thousands of exterior contractors are using HOVER to put together accurate estimates and show homeowners what different materials and colors will look like on their houses.

How it works

1. Always create your project first in HOVER.

2. Take photos in HOVER, and submit them for measurements.

3. When the Property Measurements are complete, the job will sync to CompanyCam as a new project.

4. When the Measurement PDF is ready in HOVER, it will sync to the correct project in CompanyCam under Documents.

5. Add any additional photos to this project to keep them all in one place by using the Search or Nearby Projects functions.


1. Log in to CompanyCam and head to the Integrations page in CompanyCam.

2. Find and select the Hover icon from the integrations listed on the page.

3. Click Connect Next to HOVER

4. Select the option to Sync Primary Contacts to CompanyCam and press Save. - This will cause Hover to open
(You may be prompted to log in to your HOVER account here.)

Log into your Hover account (if needed).

5. Click Allow.

6. After clicking Allow, you'll be taken back to CompanyCam automatically, and you will see this message: You're all set!

7. Once the integration is set up you will notice an "Update" option underneath the integration. If something in your integration isn't working as expected you can select this and it will refresh the integration between the two. You can also "Delete Integration" below here as well if it ever becomes no longer needed or you would like to reintegrate.

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