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Integrate CompanyCam + JobNimbus + HOVER
Integrate CompanyCam + JobNimbus + HOVER

Integrate CompanyCam + JobNimbus + HOVER to manage your job site documentation easier than ever before!

Written by Alex Pickens
Updated over a week ago

If you are a customer of JobNimbus and HOVER you can take advantage of a powerful three-way integration between CompanyCam and those services!

The first thing that you need to do is make sure all three integrations are set up properly. Here are links to the documentation on how to set each one up:

  1. JobNimbus Documentation on how to setup JobNimbus and HOVER - Instructions for how to send a HOVER order are included here

After you have all three set up here is the optimal workflow:

  1. Create Contact or Job in JobNimbus (depending on how you have it integrated), this will automatically create a CompanyCam Project.

  2. Order the HOVER in JobNimbus - Instructions for this are in the JobNimbus article.

  3. Go to the HOVER app and look for the order that's waiting to have photos taken and take the required 8 photos or more.

  4. Submit the HOVER order in HOVER.

  5. Once the order is submitted and the processing ends, the photos will be pushed to the CompanyCam Project that was created in Step 1.

  6. Once the report is done processing that will be pushed to the docs section in the same CompanyCam project.

  7. All content is synced back to JobNimbus. You can expect the photos to be synced back to CompanyCam shortly after they are taken. The report will be synced to CompanyCam, then JobNimbus.

Your team can take photos in CompanyCam within the same project and they will be synced back to JobNimbus keeping everything in one JobNimbus record. Make sure to never create a project within CompanyCam if you're wanting the photos to sync back to JobNimbus automatically.

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