Edit User Permissions

Need to Edit a User's Permission set, here's how:

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Before you start

  • You must have access to 'Create and Modify User Accounts' To Edit a User's Permission set. If you do not have access to this permission, please reach out to the Admin of your account to request it be added for you.
  • When adding a new user to your CompanyCam account, that user by default will have the 'Standard Access' permissions.
  • At this time you are only able to edit users from the web application.

Edit User's Permissions

1. Log in on the web at: app.companycam.com and choose Users from the menu on the left side of the screen

2. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the user's card you wish to change and select Edit.

3. Customize the User's permissions by turning each option on or off.

4. There are preset options available. Click the drop-down arrow to select Admin, Standard Access, or Restricted Access. [The image below is a closeup of the drop-down menu.] 

Now that you've edited the User Permissions you may want to keep track of what they've contributed. Here's how to quickly keep up to date on what each user has been working on.