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Quick Caption (Included in AI Trial)
Quick Caption (Included in AI Trial)

Add dynamic descriptions to your photos without having to touch a keyboard!

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Before you start

  • Quick Caption is only available in the mobile app.

  • Creating Quick Captions in CompanyCam is an account-level feature and is available to all Permission Roles.

  • This feature is compatible with Offline Mode. However, the transcription will not be shown. Once you're back online, the transcription will process and save to a photo in the description.

In the app

  1. Navigate to the Camera View from the Home Screen, or a Project.

  2. Tap the Description Button to enable Quick Caption mode.

  3. Tap the Capture Button, then dictate a description of the photo.

  4. Once complete tap the Stop Button.

  5. Review the Caption to make edits or continue capturing photos and descriptions.

  6. When your work is complete tap Done.

Now that you've created a Quick Caption, here are some other ways you can interact with CompanyCam using dictation: AI Notes (Beta).

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