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Have no connection? Not a problem! You can now add photos and videos to projects with our new Offline Mode.

Written by Alex Pickens
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Before you start

  • Please note, this feature is only available on CompanyCam version 9.0.20 or newer and is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later & Android 7.0 and up.

  • The app will cache up to 60 Projects or 20 assigned, 20 starred, and 20 recent Projects. You also have the ability to create a new Project while in Offline Mode.

  • You will only be able to take photos or videos for Projects in Offline Mode.

  • You can create or edit Pages in Offline Mode. Once a connection is reestablished, it will process and upload them.

Access Offline Mode

  1. To access Offline Mode in the app, click on the blue Camera Icon at the bottom of the home screen.

  2. Select the Offline Tab.

  3. Open the Project you'd like to work on and begin taking photos or recording a video. When finished, select Done in the top left corner. You will then notice a banner on the home screen of your app that says, "(#) items waiting to upload - waiting for connection".

  4. Once you reestablish a connection, those photos or videos will begin to upload.

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