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Adding quick descriptions to your photos just got easier using Pages with AI Notes!

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Before you start

  • AI Notes are only available in the mobile app.

  • Creating AI Notes in CompanyCam is an account-level feature and is available to all Permission Roles.

  • This feature is compatible with Offline Mode. If a Project is cached for Offline Mode, a User can create a new Page using AI Notes and it will process and upload once the User regains an internet connection.

  • AI Notes is only supported when English is spoken and detected.

In the app

  1. From the Project screen tap the Pages tab.

  2. Tap + Page.

  3. Choose AI Note and prepare to begin speaking after a three-second countdown.

  4. Tap the Capture Button to take photos while completing your dictation.

  5. When you've finished your work tap Done.

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