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Need to send photos and information in a way that tells a story and communicates your work? Reports are a great way to do that!

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Before you start

  • Creating Reports is an account-level feature and is available to all permission levels.

  • Restricted users can create a new Report within a project, and can only see Reports they created within the assigned project.

  • Reports are not available on Basic. Upgrade your plan to take advantage this feature.

Create Reports on the Web

  1. Log in to CompanyCam.

  2. Find the Project you want to build a Report for.

  3. Select photos by hovering over each photo thumbnail and click the check mark circle (upper left corner of each photo) to select individual photos or select photos by the date header.

  4. Choose Reports from the action menu.

  5. Select Create New Report.

  6. Add a title to your report, select the page layout (this can be changed later), and click Create Report.

  7. You'll be directed to Section 1 of your report. You can rename the section by deleting the Section 1 text and typing in your own title. Add any information, descriptions, or info in the Section Summary. Text snippets are available by clicking in the text box.

  8. Click Photo Options to the right of the Section title to load photo descriptions and load photo comments for the photos in this section, rearrange photos, move multiple photos, or to delete section.

    To load a single photo description or delete an entry, click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the photo. You can also add text snippets or add text of your choice in the space provided.

  9. To add a new section, click the blue New Section option in the upper left of your report page.

Your new Section will have the option to add photos, rename the section, and add a section summary.

Edit Report settings

  1. To customize your Report settings, click the Settings icon located in the top right of the Report.

  2. You can edit your report title or add a subtitle, add page header information, change your page layout, and toggle photo details on and off.

    To edit your Cover Page, click on Cover Page in the upper left of your screen above your report sections.

  3. Here, you can toggle on/off your cover photo, company logo, and cover page details you wouldn't like displayed.

Share your Reports

  1. To Share your report, click Share Report located in the upper right of your screen.

    This will generate a link that can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, email, or click Copy Link to share your report another way!

  2. To download your report, click on View Report located in the upper right of your screen.

    The Download PDF icon should appear in the upper right corner of the generated report. You can also share your report from this page.

Adding Photos from Multiple Projects

  1. Open the Report you'd like to add Photos to.

  2. Select the "+" icon to add Photos to the Report.

  3. Select the Projects filtering icon and select the Projects you'd like to add photos from.

  4. Select the Photos you'd like to add to the Report and then click Add Photos to the Report.

Create Reports in the App

  1. Log into the CompanyCam app.

  2. Open a Project and tap on Reports.

  3. Tap the blue + Report icon to create a Report.

  4. Select New Blank Report.

  5. Add a title to your Report, select the page layout (this can be changed later), and tap Create Report.

  6. Tap the blue Create First Section button to create a Section of the report.

  7. After you've created the Section you can edit the Section name by tapping the pencil icon. From here you can add a Section Summary and use Text Snippets. Tap Add or Take Photos to load photos into the Section. You can add photos from your Camera or from the Project.

  8. Tap the circle on the photo to select it individually or tap the date to select from a date. After you have your photos chosen tap Add Photos. **Note: If you select by date and have not scrolled down to load all the photos for the date you will see a message asking you to scroll down.**

  9. After your photos have loaded in you can use the plus icon to add more photos in a given spot. You can also add a description for the photos by tapping into the Add a description area. Use the back arrow to view the Sections or add a new one. Repeat the steps to create new Sections for more photos.

  10. To add content or change the Section in bulk tap the three dot icon to the right of the Section title. This will bring up the Options menu for the Section. In Options you're able to:
    Load All Photo Descriptions
    Load All Photo Comments
    Reorder Items
    Move Items (to a different Section)
    Remove Items
    Delete Section

    Repeat steps to make changes in all your Sections.

Edit Report settings

  1. If you need to edit other parts of the Report use the back arrow to back out to the Report outline.

  2. Tap the three dots icon to the right of the Report name to bring up Report Options. You'll have options to Reorder Sections, Share Report, and Delete Report. Tap Report Settings to change the Title Information, Page Layout, and Photo Details. Tap Done to Save.

  3. Tap Cover Page to edit the Cover Page of the Report. You're able to change the Cover Photo of the Report as well as toggle on/off Cover Page details. Tap Done to save.

Share Reports

You're able to share your Reports multiple ways from the app.

  1. From the Report outline tap View Report to see your Report as well as Download the PDF and Share the Report. When you tap Share Report you can share the Report in Email form or copy the link.

  2. From the Report outline tap the three dots icon to the right of your Report name. Tap Share Report from the options and choose how you want to share the Report from your device's options.

Adding Photos from Multiple Projects

  1. Open the Report you'd like to add Photos to.

  2. Within a Report Section, select the "+" Icon to add Photos to the Report.

  3. Select Add Photos from the Project.

  4. Tap on the Filters tool and select the Projects you'd like to select photos from, then Save.

  5. Select the photos you'd like to add to the report, then Add Photos.


  • Need to come back and finish your Report at a later time? Not a problem! Tap Done to save when needed or back out of the Report. Your work will be saved.

  • On the Web you can find your Reports from the Reports tab on the left side bar or by going to the Project and clicking Reports.

  • On the App you can find your Reports by tapping into the Project, then tapping the Reports button.

  • If you entered text into a description area then deleted it there's not a way to recover that content. The description area will auto save after you've made changes.

  • Do you find yourself repeating the type of text in a Report? Use Text Snippets to capture commonly used information or phrases.

  • If you have added or changed your logo you will want to regenerate a new Report. Your Reports before the logo change will not update with the new logo file.

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