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Use Zapier to connect CompanyCam to thousands of other tools!

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Zapier is an automation platform that connects CompanyCam to over 4,000 other Apps. There's a good chance that Zapier already connects software that's part of your existing business workflows.

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Zapier's workflow is quick and intuitive. Use data from a trigger to accomplish automated tasks in your workflow in order to save time and make less mistakes in data entry.

Once you've connected your CompanyCam account for a Trigger or an Action, you will be able to use that account for more Zaps without signing in to CompanyCam.

In Zapier a workflow automation is called a "Zap". Zaps are built with one Trigger which starts the automation and then you add one or multiple Actions as tasks to be accomplished.

Creating a Zap with a CompanyCam Trigger

  1. Get started at by logging in or creating a new account.

  2. Once in your Zapier Dashboard select the Create a new Zap button.

  3. Name your Zap for easy management.

  4. Search for CompanyCam and select CompanyCam - LATEST.

  5. Select your Trigger event from the list (Triggers occur when Zapier receives data from CompanyCam) and click Continue.

  6. Click Sign in to CompanyCam. You'll be prompted to sign in to CompanyCam and Authorize Zapier to have access to your CompanyCam account.

    1. If you are signed in to your CompanyCam account, you'll automatically be signed in to connect your account to Zapier.

    2. If you have already connected your CompanyCam account in a different Zap, then you'll simply need to select the account that you'd like to use for this Zap

  7. Click the Test trigger and then Continue. If the test is successful you will see data from a recent trigger event. This will inform you what data you have to work within the following Action Steps.

Zapier will then prompt you to Choose an Action App.

There are thousands of choices. Start typing in the search field to choose an app. Examples: Pipedrive, Hubspot, Zoho, Google Sheets and Google Drive. Use the search function in the Action step to search for Apps that you want to automate.

Depending on the Action that you've selected, the steps that follow will depend on how that app is connected with Zapier. Click on the data fields and then choose the CompanyCam Trigger and any data that you use in that Action step. You'll see an example of how this works in the example below.

Creating a Zap with a CompanyCam Action

  1. Search for CompanyCam

  2. Choose the action event then Continue.

  3. Choose your account like in the Trigger

  4. Then Set up the Action by filling in the fields with data from the Trigger

  5. When you've selected or entered in Data for what you'd like to pass along, chose Continue.

  6. Then select Test & Review if you are satisfied with what the output looks like.

  7. If the test is successful, Turn on Zap

  8. Once the zap is turned on, test to see if adding data from the trigger Adds new data to CompanyCam as expected.

That's it! Feel free to create more zaps for workflows you would like to automate.

Learn more about CompanyCam integrations powered by Zapier.

Questions? Contact our team at [email protected] if it's something related to the CompanyCam Zapier app or contact Zapier support for any other workflow or setup questions as you build your Zap.

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