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How to install and use the CompanyCam Chrome extension
How to install and use the CompanyCam Chrome extension

Add the CompanyCam Chrome extension to use your CompanyCam photos wherever you need!

Written by Alex Pickens
Updated over a week ago

The CompanyCam Chrome extension allows you to upload photos directly to almost any website where you're able to upload photos. Improve your workflows by easily uploading Photos to your CRM or Quote software!

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Before you start

  • You must have an active account CompanyCam in order to install the extension.

  • You must be set to the Admin or Manager role. Not currently set to that role? Ask an Admin or Manager!

  • This extension works with Chrome, but will also work with Edge and Brave.

    How to add Extensions to Edge Browser instead of Chrome

    How to add Extensions to Brave Browser instead of Chrome


    Keyboard shortcuts: Users can now batch-select multiple photos at once using the "shift" key and selecting the batch of photos they would like. "CMD+click" will hold your selection and select more photos.


  1. Navigate the CompanyCam Extension in the Chrome Web Store via this link.

  2. Once at the CompanyCam Extension in the Chrome Web Store click "Add to Chrome"

  3. Select "Add extension"

Sign in to CompanyCam

  1. Click on the CompanyCam icon that appeared once the Extension was installed and then "Sign in With OAuth"

  2. Enter your email address and password.

  3. Choose "Authorize"

Using the Extension

Now that you've installed and signed into the extension, it's time to head to a website where you'd like to upload photos. If you're not seeing the extension at the top right of the Browser window, then click on the "Extensions" icon and pin CompanyCam so that it's immediately accessible.

The next steps will have to be done for each website you want to upload CompanyCam photos to.

  1. Once at the website, Click on the Extension icon and Enable it.

  2. Then head to the attachments section that you would normally upload photos.

    In the case of Zoho CRM, click the box to attach files.

  3. Search for the project, Select it, then select the photos you want to upload and choose "Upload".

  4. Confirm the upload however the website prompts you to.

  5. Photos are now part of that record

  6. Repeat this "Using the Extension" process for each website you'd like to upload CompanyCam photos.

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