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Before you start

  • In order to manage and remove Collaborators you need to have the Admin or Manager role. If you don't have that role, ask an Admin on your company's account for permission; here's what they'll need.

  • Once Collaborators have been removed from a Project, all of the photos and comments they've added to the project will remain. The collaborating company will also have a copy of the Project on their account with everything they added and accessed during the time of collaboration. They can still add to that project, but you won't be able to see it once the collaboration ends—and the same goes for you.

  • Users can re-invite the same Collaborator back to a Project that was previously ended. After being invited back to a Project, there will be a badge on the previous Project indicating the old collaborated Project.

On the web

  1. Log in to CompanyCam.

  2. Open the Project that has Collaborators you'd like to manage or remove.

  3. Click on the Collaborators option to the right.

  4. Your Project Collaborators page will show you all active Collaborators on the Project. Click the Three Dot Icon next to the Collaborator you'd like to manage or remove.

  5. Select End Collaboration if you'd like to remove the collaborating company completely from the Project.

In the app

  1. Open the CompanyCam app on your phone or tablet.

  2. Open the Project whose Collaborators you'd like to manage or remove.

  3. Tap on the Collaborator Icon below the Project name.

  4. Tap on the Three Dots Icon to the right of the Collaborator's name that you'd like to remove.

  5. Tap End Collaboration to remove the collaborating company from the Project.

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