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Integrate CompanyCam + Drone Deploy
Integrate CompanyCam + Drone Deploy

Integrate CompanyCam + Drone Deploy to manage your job site documentation easier than ever before!

Written by Alex Pickens
Updated over a week ago

Sync your drone images from DroneDeploy directly to the right project in your CompanyCam account by installing the CompanyCam app in the DroneDeploy app market.

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Before you start

  • You must have an active account with both CompanyCam and DroneDeploy in order to integrate the two services.

  • You must have Admin privileges in both CompanyCam and DroneDeploy to integrate. If you don't have that role, ask an Admin on your company's account for permission; here's what they'll need

What is Drone Deploy?

DroneDeploy is an intuitive solution used to create aerial maps and 3D models.

Using the mobile app - which is available on both Android and iOS - it’s possible to transform a range of DJI drones into reliable and powerful mapping tools.

The DroneDeploy app facilitates automated flights from take-off and right through to landing while automatically capturing images that can be uploaded for processing.

These stills can be used to create a range of visualized data from 2D maps to 3D models.

How it works

​Upload and sync flight plan photos to the cloud with CompanyCam. Every photo is automatically organized by project location. Directions Log In to CompanyCam from the CompanyCam DroneDeploy app Select images from the current plan to upload to CompanyCam Create a new project or choose a nearby CompanyCam project to upload the images to Review your progress Finalize upload to CompanyCam


  1. Login to Drone Deploy.

  2. Install the CompanyCam app on the Drone Deploy site.

  3. Follow these instructions to finish the setup.

    ​If you need support integrating or have any issues with the integration, reach out to [email protected] or reach out to our live chat!

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