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Integrate CompanyCam + AccuLynx
Integrate CompanyCam + AccuLynx

Integrate with AccuLynx to have Photos, Documents, Tags, and Videos sync to AccuLynx in real time!

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This integration allows CompanyCam & Acculynx to communicate automatically. The integration lets you automatically create a CompanyCamProject from an assigned Lead or Job in AccuLynx and have those photos, documents, videos, and tags taken in that project sync back to AccuLynx in real time!

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Before you Start

  • You must have an active paid account with CompanyCam and AccuLynx to integrate the two services.

  • You must have admin privileges in CompanyCam and the proper permissions in AccuLynx to integrate the two.

What is AccuLynx?

AccuLynx is the leading, all-in-one roofing software designed to streamline every aspect of a roofing business. Since 2008, thousands of roofing companies have turned to their award-winning software to save time, simplify production, and sell more profitable jobs.

How it works

How to Create a Project in CompanyCam from an Assigned Lead or Job in Acculynx:

  1. Create a New Lead or Job and add an assignment in AccuLynx. If the Lead or Job is created without an assignment it will NOT generate a CompanyCam Project. Once your Lead information is added and an assignment is provided you can hit "Save New Lead."

  2. Once you add your entry and its assignment in AccuLynx you should see a matching CompanyCam Project. You can tell it is from AccuLynx because of the Label titled "AccuLynx" and an additional Label showing what stage the entry is in... Lead, Prospect, Approved, etc. ​

How to sync videos, photos, and Tags from an integrated CompanyCam Project:

  1. Take photos and videos, and apply Tags as needed.

  2. You will see the photos and videos you took in the Photos Section of the entry in AccuLynx as well as any tags applied.

  3. Clicking into the Photos tab will present all the content for that entry including the tags that were applied to those photos/videos inside of CompanyCam.

Syncing CompanyCam Documents to AccuLynx:

  1. Add Documents as normal within CompanyCam.

  2. When they finish uploading you will be able to find and view them within the Documents section of Acculynx in the tied record!

Syncing a Completed Checklist from CompanyCam as a Document to AccuLynx:

  1. Once your Checklist is finished select "export to PDF."

  2. Make sure to toggle on "Save to Project Documents" and select "Export."

  3. Once you Export you will see that Checklist show up in the Document section of both the CompanyCam Project and the AccuLynx entry!


  1. Enable App Connections in the Market Tab if you haven't already. You can start by going to "Market" and selecting "Add-Ons."

    2. Click on the "AppConnections By AccuLynx" box.

    3. Select "Enable."

    4. Toggle "Enable AppConnections" and follow any additional Prompts. After enabled you will have the ability to enable integrations.

    5. Now to integrate with CompanyCam navigate to the Market Tab in AccuLynx and select "App Connections"

    6. Select the "CompanyCam integration."

    7. Select "Get Connected."

    8. Select "Authorize Connection," and sign into CompanyCam if prompted. ​

    9. This integration has a historical sync if you choose! If you select "Yes" any Jobs in the past 30 days, assigned Jobs, or ones with particular status will generate CompanyCam Projects. Choose either "Yes" or "No" if you want this and then select "Connect."

    ​10. That's it! You are now connected. If you need to update/ reconnect your integration you can select "Manage Connection."

    If you need support integrating or have any issues with the integration reach out to the AccuLynx Support team!

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