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Integrate CompanyCam + Roof.Link
Integrate CompanyCam + Roof.Link

Integrate CompanyCam + Roof.Link to manage your job site documentation easier than ever before!

Written by Alex Pickens
Updated over a week ago

Roof. Link is software for Roofing Companies built by roofers. It was created to be one system capable of managing every aspect of large roofing companies. Create Estimates, Orders, and Electronic Contracts. Manage your business by using the interactive map tools and dashboards within the platform.

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Before you Start

What is Roof.Link?

Roof.Link allows you to have everything in one place so your employees can focus on roofing rather than organizing. It will help you grow your company with powerful reporting and automation features.

How it works

  • Creating or Editing a project or lead in CompanyCam or Roof.Link will push the updates to the other system.

  • Creating, Editing, or Deleting photos in Company Cam will create, edit, or delete the same photos in Roof Link.

  • Making comments on the Company Cam project will create Job Notes on the Roof Link Prospect.

Ways to set up the integration

One important thing to know is that there are five ways to set up the Roof.Link and CompanyCam integration. This allows you to choose the setup that works best for your workflow. The Company Cam Sync options only affect project creation and lead creation. Photos ALWAYS sync automatically and only in one direction from Company Cam to Roof.Link.

Roof.Link to Company Cam Manual
You will have a manual Checklist item in your Prospect or Job Checklist that will require you to press "Sync Now" to push the project from Roof.Link to Company Cam. Projects will never push from Company Cam to Roof.Link.

Roof.Link to Company Cam Automatic
This option will automatically push all Roof.Link leads to Company Cam as soon as you create the lead in Roof.Link. Projects will never push from Company Cam to Roof.Link.

Company Cam to Roof.Link
Creating a project in Company Cam will push the lead to Roof.Link. Creating a lead in Roof.Link WILL NOT push a project to Company Cam.

Both Directions Manual
Pushing a lead from Roof.Link to Company Cam will require manually clicking "Sync Now" on your Roof.Link job checklist. However, creating a project in Company Cam will automatically push to Roof.Link as a new lead.

Both Directions Automatic
This is the default option. Creating a new lead in Roof.Link will create the project in Company Cam automatically, and creating a project in Company Cam will push to Roof.Link as a new lead. Both directions automatically.


Please see the documentation below to integrate:

1. Login to Roof.Link.

2. Go to your Profile in the top right corner and select Profile & Settings.

3. In your Personal/ Company settings find the tab "Integrate CompanyCam" on the lefthand side and select it.

4. Select "Click to connect CompanyCam."

5. Select "Authorize"

6. Sign into CompanyCam if prompted and you are now connected! You can verify its connected with the green checkmark next to the CompanyCam integration tab.

7. To make any changes to how you want your workflow to function with this integration you can go to the CompanyCam Settings tab and update how you want it to work.

If you need support integrating or have any issues with the integration reach out use the "Contact Support" option under the User Menu at the top right of the Roof.Link website. You can also reach out using the Live Chat option at the bottom right of the screen.

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