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Integrate CompanyCam + Housecall Pro
Integrate CompanyCam + Housecall Pro

Integrate CompanyCam + Housecall Pro to manage your job site documentation easier than ever before!

Written by Alex Pickens
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Housecall Pro is the top-rated field service software to manage your daily workflow and grow your business. Easily schedule and dispatch jobs, get paid faster, and automate your marketing and reviews to gain more customers. Create a CompanyCam Project for each Customer Address and sync photos and documents back to the most recently created Housecall Pro Estimate or Job!

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Before You Start

What is Housecall Pro?

Founded in 2013, Housecall Pro helps home service professionals thrive. They offer an industry-leading SaaS operating platform combined with modern financial services and supporting business solutions, helping Pros run all aspects of their business. Housecall Pro is a cloud-based field service management app for service professionals to automate workflows and streamline technician dispatch.

How the Housecall Pro integration works with CompanyCam

When you add a new address for a Customer in HCP, a matching CompanyCam Project will be created for that client with the Label "HouseCall Pro Customer." Once an estimate or Job is added for this address the Label in CompanyCam will automatically update to "Housecall Pro Estimate or "HouseCall Pro Job." Once a Project has a "HouseCall Pro Estimate" or "HouseCall Pro Job" label any documents or photos taken in this Project will sync to the active Estimate or Job inside of HouseCall Pro.

*The active Estimate or Job would be the most recently created one by default. If you wish to manually choose which Estimate or Job is active you can select "On My Way" within that Job or Estimate and that will make that the active HCP entry that will receive the documents or photos from CompanyCam*

Please Note:

  • Each Address added under a Customer in HCP will have a matching CC Project entry.

  • You can not sync photos back to Jobs created before the integration was set up. A new Estimate or Job must be created to send Documents and Photos back to Housecall Pro.

  • By default, the active Estimate or Job that the Project will sync photos to is the most recently created one. If you would like your CompanyCam Project to sync photos to another entry for an address you can select the "On My Way" option for that Estimate or Job and the photos will sync to that entry

  • If an Estimate or Job is created before an address is added under the Customer this can cause syncing and duplicate issues. Always create your Customer and address first before creating the Estimate or Job for that client.

  1. Create Address for Customer in HCP if not already created.

  2. A matching CompanyCam Project will be created with a "HouseCall Pro Customer" Label. (Photos will not sync at this stage since an active Estimate or Job has not been created yet.)

  3. Add an Estimate or Job under this address in HCP. The Label of the CompanyCam Project will automatically update to "HouseCall Pro Estimate" or "HouseCall Pro Job."

  4. Take photos and add documents as normal and the Project photos will automatically sync to the Job or Estimate under the attachments section and a CompanyCam Link out will be available under the attachments for quick access to the Project.

Please Note

  • Photos for every Estimate or Job in Housecall Pro that have been added for that Address will be found under the Address Project in CompanyCam. There will not be multiple Projects for Jobs at that Address.

  • If you are unable to see the CompanyCam link or attachments in the Estimate or Job, just reload the page and you should be able to see them.

  • If you add photos to the Customer Project before the Estimate or Job is created, then those photos will not be synced to Housecall Pro.

How to add CompanyCam Projects at existing Addresses for an existing Customer

  1. Go to the customer and make sure that the addresses have been added to the customer profile.

  2. Select the "edit" icon for Contact info.

  3. Select the +EMAIL button. This will allow the "UPDATE" button to be pushed. There is no need to actually enter in an email address. This is a quick, non-intrusive way for you to force sync the new Customer information.

  4. Next, you will need to edit the addresses that you want to add to CompanyCam. Find the address you want to add and click the 3 dots to the right. Then just add something into the notes so it allows you to update the address.

  5. Now go check to see that the CompanyCam Projects have been created for each Address. If not all of them are not visible at the top of the Project feed, search for the customer name, and all Projects for that Customer should be there.

  6. Create a new Estimate or Job for the Customer at that Address. The newest Estimate or Job in Housecall Pro will be the active one that receives photos synced from CompanyCam by default. You can change this by hitting the "On My Way" button on the estimate or Job you want to sync new photos to. If you do not create a new Job or Estimate, photos WILL NOT sync over.

Integration Setup

  1. First, go into Housecall Pro and go into My Apps at the top of the page. Then go into the App Store. Find CompanyCam and select learn more, then switch on the integration by toggling Disabled to Active.

  2. Now open CompanyCam and log in. Select Integrations at the bottom of the menu.

  3. Find the Housecall Pro card.

  4. You have the option to Sync Primary Contacts From HouseCall Pro into CompanyCam by checking the box as well if you want content from CompanyCam to be synced to HCP Estimates, Jobs, or both! After you decide, click Save.

  5. If you have not signed in to Housecall Pro, there will be a prompt telling you to sign in to your account.

  6. That's all! You are now ready for smooth documentation in Housecall Pro using CompanyCam. You will find that the 'connect integration' changes to "Connected" when the integration is operating properly.

  7. Once the integration is set up you will notice an "Update" option underneath the integration. If something in your integration isn't working as expected you can select this and it will refresh the integration between the two. You can also "Delete the Integration" if it ever becomes no longer needed.

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