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How to Download a Project QR Code
How to Download a Project QR Code

Download a QR code for a Project so that when scanned, your Project will immediately open within the CompanyCam mobile app!

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Before you start

  • Generating and downloading a Project QR Code can only be done on the web.

  • Users must be on the same CompanyCam account to scan and open Project QR Codes.

  • QR Codes must be scanned using the device's native camera, not the camera tool within the CompanyCam mobile app.

On the web

  1. Log into CompanyCam.

  2. Open the Project you'd like to download a QR Code for.

  3. Click on the Three Dots Icon in the top right-hand corner of the Project and select Download QR Code.

  4. The Project QR Code will immediately download from your web browser onto your device for you to share with your team.

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