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Integrate CompanyCam + AtlasPro+
Integrate CompanyCam + AtlasPro+

Integrate CompanyCam + Atlas Pro+ to manage your job site documentation easier than ever before!

Written by Alex Pickens
Updated over a week ago

Atlas Pro Portal provides marketing solutions for contractors all in one place. Integrate your Atlas Pro account with CompanyCam to easily sync your photos to your proposals.

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Before you start


  1. Log in to your Atlas Pro account with your username and password by hovering over the Atlas Pro tab.

  2. Click the Connect with CompanyCam button on the CompanyCam banner to start the integration.

  3. Select Authorize on the Authorization Required screen.

  4. After you Authorize CompanyCam it will take you back to your AtlasPro dashboard.

How it works

  1. Set up the integration using the instructions above.

  2. Click Manage Leads to see your imported CompanyCam projects.

  3. Click the plus (+) icon to the right of the Lead name to open the lead. Click Build Present Mode to see the photos in that project.

Want more information on what AtlasPro+ does with your CompanyCam photos? Check out this video!

Are you having trouble setting up the integration? Please feel free to reach out to the Atlas team to help!

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