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Integrate CompanyCam + Contractor Foreman
Integrate CompanyCam + Contractor Foreman

All Photos, Documents, and Photo Edits added in CompanyCam will sync to Contractor Foreman instantly

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Before you Start

What is Contractor Foreman?

Contractor Foreman is the most affordable and easy-to-use construction management software serving contractors in 75+ countries! Make your next project a breeze with Contractor Foreman whether you are a general contractor, residential or commercial contractor, in the trades, and more!

How it works

Creating Projects with CompanyCam and Contractor Foreman is easy! When you create a Project in one system the Project details will be synced to the other system creating an entry in both programs. Once a Project has been created, take your Photos and upload Documents as you normally would in CompanyCam and you will see those sync over to Contractor Foreman in real time!

Create a new Project in CompanyCam

Create a new Project in Contractor Foreman:

1. Go to the Menu
2. Hover over the Project option (or click it) and click the + (new) icon.
3. Complete the required fields; Project Name, ID, Customer, Project Type. Fields not supported by the CompanyCam API will not transfer.


Please see the documentation linked below to integrate:
Integration Instructions and documentation

If you need support integrating or have any issues with the integration, reach out to [email protected]

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