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Integrate CompanyCam + Albiware
Integrate CompanyCam + Albiware
Integrate CompanyCam + Albiware to manage your job site documentation easier than ever before!
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Albiware is a CRM for interior restoration and mitigation contractors that combines ease of use for users and employees with powerful reporting and tracking. Features include call tracking, vehicle tracking as well as keeping track of your email interactions. This platform includes proposal and presentation tools as well.

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Before you Start

What is Albiware?

Albiware exists to empower service contractors to embrace existing innovative technology by making it simple and accessible. It's a restoration software solution built for the future by restoration contractors. Visualize data as a map, calendar, timeline, kanban, and dashboards so that you can use our make better decisions. Albiware also serves as a custom scheduler to schedule jobs and even manage time off.

How it works

The Integration allows you to set custom triggers to create the project in CC when a certain event ( lead creation, certain date) in Albiware. From there, you just take photos in CompanyCam and they show up in Albiware, in that job, with any notes or markups.


Please follow the steps below to Integrate CompanyCam and Albiware:

1. Log into your Albi Account and go to your Settings> Integrations. There you will see the CompanyCam Integration option. Click "Connect"

2. A sidebar window will appear, You will need to Input your Admin email address that matches in both CompanyCam and Albiware. Next we will need a CompanyCam Access Token to add here.

3. To gather this Access Token go to your CompanyCam account> Select your CompanyCam Profile from the left menu>Select Access Token> Select New Token> Create (Don't check the Read only box this will make the integration not work)

4. Once your Token is created you can copy and paste this back into your Abliware account next to where you added your Admin email address

5. A blue pop-up will appear on the upper right corner of your screen indicating you are now successfully integrated!

6. Now that you are successfuly connected to CompanyCam, click on the Blue Configure button and click on "Settings." You have three options to select from that which will create a new Project in CompanyCam

A) Every time Project Created: This option will create a project Project in CompanyCam automatically when creating a project in Alb
B) Certain Statuses: This will create a project in CompanyCam once you reach the selected status(es) in a project in Albi. Keep in mind you can select more than one. Example: Project 123 is In Production

C) Certain Dates: This will create a project in CompanyCam once a specific date(s) is completed. Example Project-123 Arrived on Site

If you need support integrating or have any issues with the integration reach out to [email protected] or reach out via the live chat at the bottom right of the website.

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