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Integrate CompanyCam + SuccessWare
Integrate CompanyCam + SuccessWare

Integrate CompanyCam + SuccessWare to manage your job site documentation easier than ever before!

Written by Alex Pickens
Updated over a week ago

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Before you start

What is Successware?

A complete business management software solution built for residential HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical contractors. With built-in accounting, customer and job management, dispatch, marketing, and agreement management, SuccessWare is the complete solution for today's contractors. Our mobile field service solution, SuccessWare Mobile, allows your techs to timestamp, invoice, and process payments directly from their mobile device.

How it works

When a Job is created in Successware a matching Project will be created in CompanyCam automatically! Then when you snap photos or add Documents in this Project those photos will sync back to Successware!


  1. Log in to CompanyCam and head to your Profile on the left-hand side. Under "Your Company" you will see "Access Tokens" select this.

  2. Click on New Token.

  3. Select SuccessWare from the dropdown menu. Leave the checkbox UNCHECKED so that the Access Token has Read and Write permissions. Click on Create Token.

  4. Once the Token is created, copy and paste the Access Token into the SuccessWare Access Token Field.

  5. Beyond this point, you must head to SuccessWare and finish the sign-up process.

  6. Follow the video instructions to complete setup:

    If you have any questions regarding the SuccessWare side of the integration, you can reach out to Michelle at: [email protected]

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