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Integrate CompanyCam + iRestore
Integrate CompanyCam + iRestore

Integrate CompanyCam + IRestore to manage your job site documentation easier than ever before!

Written by Alex Pickens
Updated over a week ago

"Our vision is that iRestore is your complete solution to operating your company by serving the individuals and team while supporting excellence in service." - iRestore

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Before you start

What is IRestore?

Manage your jobs, communicate, document, and report using iRestore’s intuitive job management system. Best of all, it synchronizes across all platforms, making it easy to use. Whether it be at a company level or an individual level, you can easily manage all of your relationships with their robust relationship management system (CRM). With this feature, you will have the tools to build long-term relationships and strategically grow

How it works

Integrating with Company Cam will allow you to create projects directly from iRestore and pull project photos directly to jobs. First, create the Job in IRestore, this will create a matching Project in CompanyCam. Then any taken photos in this integrated Project will sync back to the Job in IRestore!


Important Information

  • After you set up the integration, test it by creating a new "Job" in iRestore. That job should sync into CompanyCam as a new "Project".

  • To sync the records moving forward, you'll have to create them in iRestore first.

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