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Annual Subscription Policy

CompanyCam now has an Annual pricing option! Learn how to switch.

Written by Alex Pickens
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Before you start

  • Only Users with the Admin role may see and access the Billing page and past invoices.

  • With the annual plan you pay up front for an entire year, and your subscription cost is based on the number of active seats at the time of subscription. For a detailed breakdown of our pricing structure, please visit our Pricing page.

Payment date

  • Your card will be charged in the amount of your yearly bill on the day of subscription.

  • You can locate this date in the Billing section of the web version of the app at:


  • Your annual subscription will automatically renew on the anniversary of your first payment unless you cancel your subscription prior to that date.

  • You can locate this date in the Billing section of the web version of the app at:

User seats

  • Your annual subscription cost is based on your number of current active seats at the time of subscription.

  • New Users added during the subscription year will be charged to your account at a prorated cost for the rest of the year. You'll be billed the same day new Users are added.

  • If you deactivate a User, you'll have an open seat to fill.

  • When your subscription auto-renews, your cost will be adjusted (if necessary) based on the current number of active seats.

Additional discounts

  • No other deals or discounts are eligible for pairing with an annual subscription.

Downgrades and refunds

  • An annual subscription is non-refundable. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but you'll retain access until your subscription is back up for renewal.

  • You will not be refunded or credited for unfilled seats.

  • You can switch from an annual subscription to a monthly subscription at any time. When you switch, you'll receive a credit for the time remaining to be applied to your monthly invoices.

  • If you would like to downgrade from a Premium annual subscription to a Pro annual subscription, you can do so from within your Billing page on the web app.

Ready to switch to an annual plan but need to add a payment method first? Here's how you can add or update your payment information through our website!

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