How to Use the Project Map

CompanyCam lets you view and organize Projects in many ways. Project Maps help you locate Projects using a range of search criteria.

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Before you start

  • The Project Map makes it simple for you to; view your Projects, filter by date, User, or Group, locate a Project by area vs by exact address, and see a visual of your Projects by specific area.

How to Use the Project Map:

  1. Sign in at CompanyCam.

  2. Click on Map in the menu on the left side of the screen.

  3. On the Project Map, you will see specifics in the upper right corner about how many Projects are displayed.

    • Note: You can zoom in to refine results (and see more Projects).

  4. Use controls to zoom in/out on Map (bottom-right corner). Drag the map to view specific areas.

  5. Filter by Date Range or by Users and Groups at the top left.

  6. Hover over any pin to see more about a Project.

  7. Click on the Pin to open a sidebar with the full Project.

    • To close the sidebar, click the X Icon in the upper left corner.

    • Click on the View Project button in order to open the full Project.

After finding the project you're looking for on the project map, check out how to add labels to your projects! Project labels can help speed up your filtering/sorting workflows when trying to find specific projects.

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