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How to Complete Payments Using CompanyCam
How to Complete Payments Using CompanyCam

Need to make a payment to a contractor or company you're working with? Make payments efficiently through CompanyCam!

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Before you start

  • Contractors will be able to share a web link (that's mobile-friendly) or share a QR Code to scan. You'll then be able to make Payments via credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or ACH (powered by Stripe).

  • Completing Payments is only available in the United States.

How to complete a Payment Request

  1. Click on the link for the Payment Request (contractors will be able to share a link with you via email and/or text). From here, you can make a Payment.

    OR using the web.

  2. Add your email address, and then select to pay by Card, Apple/Google Pay, or ACH.

  3. Enter your card or bank information into the fields.

  4. Click on the blue Pay Button to confirm the Payment.

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