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How to Add and Use Signatures in CompanyCam
How to Add and Use Signatures in CompanyCam

Getting Signatures for your documents in CompanyCam is easier than ever! Reduce your costs, workload, and the chance of misplaced documents!

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Before you start

  • Adding Signatures to your account is an add-on feature. Once added, this feature is company-wide.

  • Requesting Signatures is an account-level feature and is available to all permission levels.

  • Signatures are not available on the Basic plan or if you're paying through the Apple App Store.

  • To request a Signature, Documents must be uploaded to the Documents Tab as a PDF.

Request a Document Signature on the web

  1. Log into CompanyCam.

  2. Open a Project and click on the Documents Tab at the top.

  3. Select a Document or choose Add Document.

  4. Once you've added or selected a Document, click Request Signatures.

  5. Add the signer's name and email. You can click Add Another Signer to add multiple. Click the box next to Set Signer Order to move the order of the signers using the 6 dots to the left of their name.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Choose a Signature field or an Auto-fill field from the menu on the left. Then, use your cursor to place where you'd like their signature.

    *Switch between signers by clicking their name from the dropdown menu under Signer.*

  8. Click Next.

  9. Add any CC recipients, and add a subject line and message to your email. Click Send for Signature. The status will show on your Document as Signature Pending.

  10. Recipients will receive an email from [email protected] for them to review and sign your Document. Once all parties have signed, the stats will show on your Document as Signed.

    *If they do not see the email, have them check their Spam folder*

  11. Navigate to the page where you placed the Signature and or/auto-fill field, and you'll see their signature!

How to Add Document Signatures in the app

  1. In the app, open a Project and tap on the Documents Tab.

  2. Open the PDF Document and then select Fill & Sign.

  3. Once the Signature editor is open, tap on the Pencil Icon in the upper right corner.

  4. Tap on the Signature Button to create a Signature.

    Note: You may have to take an additional step, depending on your device:

    • iOS Users: After selecting this, a new window will automatically open for you to add a Signature.​

    • Android Users: After selecting this, tap the location where you want to add a Signature, and a new window will open for you to add a Signature.

  5. Once a Signature is created, follow one of the steps below to add it to the document, depending on your device:

    iOS Users: tap Add in the top right.

    Android Users: tap the Green checkmark in the bottom right.

  6. After the Signature is added you can resize as needed. You'll also be able to add any additional text by tapping on the Text Icon in the upper left corner.

  7. Once all Signatures are added to the Document, hit Save and confirm you're done.

Need some visuals? Check out our video on how to Collect Signatures linked below!

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