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Integrate CompanyCam + busybusy
Integrate CompanyCam + busybusy

Integrate CompanyCam + busybusy to manage your job site documentation easier than ever before!

Written by Alex Pickens
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Before you Start

  • You must have an active account with both CompanyCam and busybusy in order to integrate the two services.

  • You must have Admin privileges in both CompanyCam and busybusy to integrate. If you don't have that role, ask an Admin on your company's account for permission; here's what they'll need.

What is busybusy?

busybusy is a time-tracking app with contractors in mind. Now you can bring together CompanyCam's powerful photo capabilities with busybusy's comprehensive time tracking system!

Easily view CompanyCam photos within busybusy and include them in busybusy's in-depth reports. Plus, projects created within busybusy will automatically appear in CompanyCam so you and your crew will be ready to start taking, editing, and uploading photos to the right project immediately!

How It Works

Anytime you create a Project in busybusy, this will create a Project in CompanyCam automatically. Once your project in CompanyCam is created take photos and make edits to those photos as you normally would and those photos will automatically sync back over to the busybusy entry! Pretty cool eh?

Keep in mind that Project creation from busybusy to CompanyCam can take 5-10 minutes to show up in CompanyCam so don't worry if that CompanyCam project doesn't show up right away!

With busybusy?s world-class time tracking and CompanyCam's world-class photos you'll be able to create incredible Daily Project Reports. This upgrade feature from busybusy automatically pulls in the daily weather, daily project employee hours, daily progress, and now you can incorporate your stunning CompanyCam photos. All tied together in a digitally signed Daily Project Report.

Sort your photos within busybusy making everything fast and easy to find.

Projects created within busybusy are automatically created in CompanyCam, saving you the hassle of doing it twice while keeping everything organized. Keep in mind Project creation can take up to 10 minutes from busybusy to CompanyCam

View your CompanyCam photos within busybusy's comprehensive project dashboard. Now you can see each projects photos in addition to the projects hours, labor costs, schedule, uploaded documents, Daily Project Reports, and equipment statistics.


Please see the documentation linked below to integrate:

1. From your busybusy account, click Settings at the bottom of your navigation bar.

2. Click Integrations

3. Locate CompanyCam from the list of integrations. CompanyCam will either show the text Ready for Setup or Disconnected.

Note: If your screen shows Ready for Setup, Click Ready for Setup and Proceed to Step 4.

If your screen says Disconnected, Use the following steps below to connect

a. Click on CompanyCam

b. Click Get Started

c. Enter your CompanyCam username and password. And click Sign In.

d. Proceed to Step 4.

4. Click Finish Setup

5. Determine if you want to import existing photos from CompanyCam to busybusy and make your selection for your preferred time range import.

6. Match or Create New Projects. Existing CompanyCam projects will be created as new projects within busybusy unless there's already a preexisting project in busybusy. If that's the case, match the projects between CompanyCam and busybusy.

Note: After the initial import, do not create new projects from the CompanyCam interface. Any new projects created in busybusy will be automatically added to your CompanyCam projects.

7. Double-check that everything looks good and click Import

8. Congratulations! ?You have successfully integrated your CompanyCam account with busybusy. Click the back arrow in the corner of this screen to return to your busybusy dashboard.

Your CompanyCam photos can be found in busybusy's Photos and your newly imported projects can be found in busybusy's Projects.

If you need support integrating or have any issues with the integration reach out to [email protected]

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