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Inviting Users to your CompanyCam account allows you to share information, see the content they contribute to the account, and more.
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Before you start

  • To invite new users you need to have the Admin or Manager role. If you don't have that role, ask an Admin on your company's account for permission; here's what they'll need.

  • The invited Users will receive a text message and email with a link for them to complete their account. They will create their own password at that time.

On the web

  1. Sign into CompanyCam at CompanyCam.

  2. Click (+) at the top of the left sidebar OR click on the Users tab from the left sidebar

  3. From the Create Button choose Invite New Users. From the Users tab, select Invite New Users.

  4. Type or paste an email and hit enter. Add 1 or more emails, then hit Review (#) Invites.

  5. Select the User's permission role from the drop-down menu to the right.

    *Standard is the default*

  6. Once permission roles are selected, click Send (#) Invites.

In the app

  1. Open up the CompanyCam app.

  2. Tap Users & Groups at the top of the home screen.

  3. Select Invite New Users. Choose Manually Invite User or Invite from Contacts.

    1. Manually Invite User: add the user's information and they will receive an email/text to complete their account setup.

    2. Invite from Contacts: search/tap on any of your contacts from the list. Once you have selected everyone you'd like to invite and phone number and/or email address, tap the Send Invitation button.

Once a user has been added to your CompanyCam account, you can view user's activity by viewing the user's profile. You can also edit users permission settings at any time to remove or grant access to certain features.

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