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Integrate CompanyCam + Markate
Integrate CompanyCam + Markate
Integrate CompanyCam Markate to manage your job site documentation easier than ever before!
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This Integration allows CompanyCam & Markate to communicate automatically. All Photos and Photo Edits added in CompanyCam can be synced to Markate. A link out to CompanyCam will be created in the Markate entry to have easy access to all your Job site photos.

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Before you Start

  • You must have an active account with both CompanyCam and Markate in order to integrate the two services

  • You can utilize the Integration during your CompanyCam Trial at no additional cost. Following that period the Integration is an additional 10$ a month for unlimited users added to your monthly Markate bill.

  • Paid CompanyCam and Markate accounts are also required in order to utilize the Integration past your trial period.

What is Markate?

Markate is software that helps businesses with CRM, field service management, sales, and marketing automation. It allows users to efficiently manage all their business schedules and keep their operations running using any device. Users can track all expenses, store receipts, and record mileage on one dashboard.

How it works

Once integrated, you have the freedom to upload Photos taken in CompanyCam into an Estimate, Invoice or Work Order. Photos will not sync automatically. Look for the section on the Markate entry towards the bottom titled "CompanyCam Photos" From here you have the option to select a CompanyCam Project to add Photos from or create a completely new Project in CompanyCam for it! Up to 100 Photos can be added from CompanyCam to your entry in Markate. This gives you access to your full cloud-based Photo library in CompanyCam for any Markate entry!

1. Once integrated, find the

"CompanyCam Photos" Section under your Estimate, Invoice, or Work order.
2. Select "Attach CompanyCam Photos."

3. Choose to either "Select from existent project" or "Create a new Project"

4. Selected Photos from CompanyCam will be available in this Markate Entry!


Please see the documentation below to integrate:

1. " Login"

to Markate on the Web.

2. Select "Connectors"

under More. 3. Find the "CompanyCam"

Card under Connectors.

4. Once selected click on "Connect to CompanyCam" and that's it! Now your CompanyCam photos can be accessed in Markate at any time.

If you need support integrating or have any issues with the integration reach out to [email protected] or to 480-360-1360

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