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Integrate CompanyCam + Contractor Go
Integrate CompanyCam + Contractor Go
Written by Alex Pickens
Updated over a week ago

Contractor Go is a product of Contractor Nation and offers contractors a website hosting and management program. They have created a super simple integration between CompanyCam + Contractor Go — it's a one-time setup and easy to use. All you need is an active account with both companies.

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Before you Start

Before you proceed with the integration, make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • You must have active accounts with both CompanyCam and Contractor Go

  • Integrations require specific plan levels. Ensure that you're on a paid plan in CompanyCam and the correct plan in Contractor Go to utilize this integration.

  • You must have administrative privileges in both CompanyCam and Contractor Go. If you or another user needs their permissions updated here is how.

What Is Contractor Go?

Your website should be working to generate more leads and close more sales. Contractor Go websites, built by contractors for contractors, do just this with custom specialized widgets that put your great work in the forefront.

How it Works

Here's a quick look at how the integration looks and can be used:

  1. Login to your Contractor Go account and click on the section named: Widgets

  2. Click on the Photo Gallery

  3. Every CompanyCam Project will show up here as an Album. You can use the action tools in the far right column to edit these Albums as needed.

  4. The albums will then show up on the front of your website created with Contractor Go.


  1. Contact your Contractor Nation Rep and request your company token for the CompanyCam integration.

  2. Log in to CompanyCam

  3. Hover over your user icon (upper right) and choose Integrations

  4. In the Integrations, click on Directory, and then Click 'Integrate' next to ContractorGo

  5. Paste in the token you received from ContractorGo & click 'Connect Integration'

That's it! Your integration is all set and every project and photo that you add in CompanyCam will now be available to use on your website through Contractor Go.

Want to make work flows even easier? Now that you've got your CRM up and running, check out other integration opportunities!

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