On the Computer— Login at app.companycam.com

1. Select photos by hovering over a photo and clicking the checkmark

*Save Multiple Photos: Click the checkmark on the first photo, hold shift and click the checkmark on the last photo (this will auto select everything in between)

*Select an Entire Day Quickly: Click the checkmark next to the date

2. Hover over 'Actions' in the menu at the top and choose 'Download'

*Only Need One Photo?  Click the Cloud Icon to download an individual photo

In the Mobile App—

1. Open a project, tap the 3 dots (upper right corner)

2. Choose 'Select Photos'

3. Tap checkmarks to select photos and then tap 'Actions'

4. Choose 'Save to Phone'

OPTIONAL FEATURE: Save Every Photo to Your Camera Roll

We'll keep your photos safe and sound so that you do not need to store them on your device, but we know everyone likes options! If you'd like to save every photo to your Camera Roll as well as in CompanyCam— here's how:

  1. Tap the Menu Icon (upper left corner of the app)
  2. Tap the Gear Symbol
  3. Tap 'Camera'
  4. Tap to turn on 'Save My Photos to Camera Roll'

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