In the Mobile App:

1. Choose a Before photo

 Tap to open the Before Photo and tap the 3 dots (lower right corner).

2. Use the camera to take the after photo or choose a previously taken photo as the after photo.

Choose Take After Photo, line up the image and snap the photo.
Optional: Tap the B/A for the outline feature.

Tap Choose After Photo to select a previously taken photo to be the after image and tap use photo (upper right).


Template options are across the bottom of your screen. Tap on a template to preview the image and then Save (upper right).

On the Computer:

1. Select any two photos

Click the check mark (upper left corner on the photo) to select a photo.

2. Choose to create a Before & After

After choosing any two photos, click Create Before & After from the menu at the top of the screen.

3. Edit, Choose a template & Save

On this next screen: edit photos, swap Before/After position of each photo, and/or choose a template from the bottom of the screen. Once edits are complete, click the Save button (upper right).

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