• Log in at app.companycam.com
  • Hover over each photo thumbnail and click the check mark circle (upper left corner of each photo) to select the photos 
  • Choose 'Reports' (top of your screen)
  • Choose 'Create New Report' 

On the right you will find a series of options to customize your report and to share it (see below).

  • Click on 'Generate PDF' to have your Report in PDF format. Click on 'Download PDF' to download the PDF file in your computer. Click on 'Preview PDF' at the bottom right corner to see what the PDF will look like.
  • Click on 'Share Report' to create a link that you can share on Facebook, Twitter and Email, or anywhere you'd like by clicking on 'Copy Link'.  
  • Click on 'Rearrange Items' on your right. A layout bar showing the order of your pictures in the report will appear. Click, drag and rearrange the pictures in the left bar to change the order in which they appear in the report. 
  • Click on 'Photo Detail Settings' on the right side to decide what details about your pictures you would like to include in the report. Then click on 'Update Settings'. 
  • Click on 'Load All Photo Comments' to display the comments of you pictures under the notes section of your report.
  • To add text to your report click on 'Add Note' to the right of every picture. You can also add text by clicking on 'Add a text Block'.    
  • Lastly, click on 'View Report' at the top right to see your Report. This is what the recipient of a link will see when you share it with them.

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