Taking photos with low or no cell signal—

The photos that you take in CompanyCam when you have a weak data connection do not upload immediately. The app holds onto these photos until you reach a strong signal (or wifi) and open the app again. 

If photos do not upload when you reach a reliable data connection, tap the Upload Status box > the three dots to the top right > Retry All

Note: Do not delete CompanyCam from your device or the photos that have not yet uploaded will be lost. To check for pending uploads: tap the menu icon in the mobile app (upper left), tap Upload Status.

Creating a project while offline— 

With no data connection, you cannot search for a project in CompanyCam, but you can create a new project and take photos. The project and photos will not upload immediately, but the app will hold this data safely. Reopen the app when you're back to service (or wifi)— the project and photos will then upload.

You can Merge projects if there are multiple Projects created.  

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