Assign a Project to Users

Assigning Projects is the newest way for you to direct work in your CompanyCam account. Any user can be assigned to a Project, but Restricted users will only see Projects they've created or been assigned to. Learn how to use this below! 

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Before you start

  • Only Admins and Managers can assign Users to Projects.  If you do not have one of these roles, reach out to your Admin.
  • Assigning Users is only available on the web right now. You will need to use a web browser on a computer or phone to assign Users.

Assigning Projects

  1. Open any Project in CompanyCam that you'd like to assign Users to.
  2. Click on Assign Users at the top of the page under the name of your Project.

  3. Click Assign Users to select users for the Project. On the Project Users screen you'll see Users who contributed to the Project or have been assigned to the Project.

  4. You can choose to assign one or more Users at a time, or you can select to assign a Group.

  5. Once assigned to a Project, each User will be notified and once they tap on the notification, it will take them to the assigned Project.

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