Beta feature: Create a Report Template

We are currently in Beta Testing for Report Templates, here is how to create those:

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Before you start

  • Report templates are not available on the Basic tier
  • A Report must first be created before it can be saved as a template. The structure of the report will save as a template, not the content in the report. 
  • You must have the permission set "Manage Report Templates" in order to access and/or create Report Templates. If you don't have this permission, ask an Admin on your company's account for permission.

Create a Report Template

  1. Log in to CompanyCam.
  2. Open the Report you'd like to create a Template from. To do this start by clicking Reports on the left side panel.
    1. You can also access the Report from the Reports tab from within a Project.
  3. To create the template, click on Manage in the upper right corner of the Report, then click Save as Template.
  4. Here, you will add the title and a brief description of the template. 
    • Please note- you have to title the template before it will allow you to save.
    • Your new template will include: 
      • Page Layout
      • Report Settings (except for Report Subtitle)
      • Cover Page Settings (except for Cover Image)
      • Section names and order. 
  5. Click Save to create the Template.

Using a Report Template 

  1. Find the Project you want to build a Report for. 
  2. Click the Reports tab > click the blue Create Report button > click Use Existing Template > and click on the Template you would like to use. 
    1. To view the details of the Report Template, click the 3 dots on the right side of the selected template. 


To  View Details or Delete an existing template, click on the three dots on the right side of the template.

8. When selecting View Details, it will load the Template Editor page. Here, you can edit the details for the Sections, Cover Page, and Report Settings. Changes made will automatically save. Note: Editing a template will not affect any reports that have been created from that template.

9. When your edits are completed, click on Use This Template to begin working on your new Report.

NoteOnce a template has been created from a report, any edits made to that report and saved as a template will create a new template. It will not override the previously saved template. 

Once a templated has been created, any edits made to a

Need more of a visual? Check out this video on how to use and create Report Templates!