Integrate CompanyCam + Jobber

  • You must have an active account with both CompanyCam and Jobber in order to integrate the two services.
  • To start integrating the two, you must have the user permission "Manage Company Account". Don't have that ability? An Admin on your account can edit your permissions.

We"ll dive into how the integration works at the beginning of this article. You can find setup instructions at the bottom of this page.

How it works

You can create a new job from the + Create button or in the jobs page a the top right.


If the property address is the same as previous Jobs you can leave it the same and a new Company Cam project will be created with the Client's name and the specific address for that property. If you have had a previous job at that property, the newest job will be connected to the existing CompanyCam project. 

Fill out any necessary information for the new job and then hit Save Job.

A New project for that property will be created, or that job is now connected to an existing CompanyCam Project.

Photos taken or uploaded to that CompanyCam project are automatically synced over to the most recent Jobber job for that property. This applies to both One-off Jobs and Recurring Jobs.

You'll see the CompanyCam section just below the Attachment section at the bottom of the page for the job. Photos are grouped by day in the notes section of a Jobber Job.

Connecting Existing CompanyCam Projects to New Jobber Jobs

If you're a CompanyCam user that is adding Jobber to your workflow, make sure that the name and address as you create a New Client is exactly the same as the CompanyCam project. Feel free to Edit the names of your CompanyCam projects to prepare them to be added to Jobber. You can do this while in the project view by clicking Manage > Edit Project.

Creating a Link to CompanyCam in Jobber with a Custom Field

**Note** You must be on the Connect or Grow plan for Jobber to use custom fields.

CompanyCam will automatically set the URL of the CompanyCam project created from a Property if you have the custom field CompanyCam Project created for properties on Jobber. This allows you to quickly open up the CompanyCam project from the Quotes, Jobs, or Invoice page for that property.

Steps to enable:

  1. Click the top-right ⚙️ on the home page, and then click "Settings"
  2. Go to the "Custom Fields" section in the middle-left sidebar.
  3. Add a new "Property Custom Field" by clicking "+ Add Field"
  4. Enter the information for the custom field exactly as in the screenshot below
    **Note Make sure the custom field name is exactly "CompanyCam Project" with a space.

  5. Click "Create Custom Field", and you're done!

Linking notes to invoices and deleting

Now that you have the photos imported attachments associated with your job, you can choose to link the note to related invoices. To get this view hover over the photos and the white space around the photos will turn yellow. You'll have the view below. Choose Invoices under "Link note to related" to give a link to the photos in the emailed invoice.

Invoice view

Using Quotes in your workflow

When you create a quote at a specific property for a client, that becomes the new "job" that the CompanyCam project is connected to or a new Project will be created for that property in CompanyCam. Photos can now be taken in that Project, but photos won't be automatically sent to Jobber while it's still a Quote. Once the Quote is converted to a Job, you'll be able to see those Photos in the Job.

Integration Setup

1. Open CompanyCam and sign in. Click your User Profile icon in the upper left side of the toolbar and click Integrations from the drop-down menu.

2. Look for the Jobber card and click Integrate.

3. Click  Connect Integration.

4. Sign in to Jobber if prompted.

5. Choose Allow Access.

That's it! The Connect Integration will change to You're all set! once the integration is connected.

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