Create To-Do Lists in the mobile app

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** To-Do Lists are not available on the Basic tier. If you’d like to add Lists to your CompanyCam account, you’ll want to upgrade your plan to Pro. This can be done in on Billing billing page under Pricing Plans.**

Note: You must have the permission set "Access Company To-Do Lists" in order to access and/or create Lists. If you don't have this permission, ask an Admin on your company's account for permission.

  1. Log into the CompanyCam app. 
  2. Tap into the Project you want to make a List for.
  3. Tap Make a To-Do List > New To-Do List to create your List.
  4. Tap on New Blank To-Do List, Title your List, and then Tap Create To-Do List to start your List.

  5. Tap Add Task to add items to your List.
  6. Title the Task, add optional notes and choose to require photos to complete the Task. Tap Save to save the Task.
  7. To take photos for the Task tap the camera icon.
  8. If you have photos that have already been added to the Project you can add them to the List by tapping into the Task > Add Photos > Add Photos from Project. Tap Done in the left corner when all photos are added. 
  9. Tap Mark Completed when the Task is finished or tap the circle icon next to the list to cross it off.
  10. From the three dots icon you can open the To-Do List Menu. From here you can:
    - Edit the To-Do List
    - Add Section
    - Delete To-Do List
  11. Add Section will add a section to the To-Do List. Tap the three dots icon > Add Section > Title the Section > Create New Section. Add Tasks to the new Section as needed.

To-Do Lists FAQ

  • A Project can have multiple To-Do Lists. You can see a Projects lists by tapping To-Do Lists.

Need some visuals? Check out these videos on how to get started making To-Do Lists via the app!

Creating a List 
Add and Use Sections