Add Date/Time and GPS Coordinates Stamps to Photos

GPS and Date/Time Stamps are a great way to have time and location displayed on every photo taken on your account.  

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Before you start

  • This feature is user specific. Individual users will need to turn the date/time and GPS stamps on within their own accounts for the stamps to appear on their photos.

Add Date/Time and GPS Stamps

1. Open the CompanyCam app.

2. Tap on your User Icon in the lower right corner.

3. Tap on the Settings gear in the upper right corner.

4. Tap on the Camera option under Preferences.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and toggle on the Stamp date and time and/or Stamp GPS coordinates. The toggles will turn blue to show they are active.

Turn Date/Time and GPS Stamps on from Camera View

1. Open a project and tap on the blue camera icon to pull up your camera view.

2. Tap on the Settings icon in the lower right corner.

3. Tap the Date/Time and Lat/Long stamp options. They will turn blue to show they are active. Tap the red X in the bottom right corner to return to your camera view. 

The stamps will appear at the top of your camera view to confirm they are turned on. Any photos taken from this user's account will now have the date & time and GPS coordinates stamped in the bottom right corner of each photo! 

Now that you've gotten your date & time and GPS stamps all set, check out how to share your photos with others through the app.

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