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Before You Start

  • You need to have an active account with CompanyCam and Housecall Pro to integrate the two services.
  • Integrations are not available on Basic. Upgrade your plan to take advantage this feature.
  • To start integrating the two, you need to have the Admin or Manager role. If you don’t have that role, ask an Admin on your company’s account for permission; here's what they'll need.
  • To avoid potential issues with this integration please review the information highlighted by 📢 Please Note in yellow.

How the Housecall Pro integration works with CompanyCam

Create an integrated project in CompanyCam with a Housecall Pro job

  1. Create a new job in Housecall Pro, 
  2. Choose a previously created customer. A new project in CompanyCam will be made for that customer if one hasn't been already created. 
  3. Or create a new customer, add multiple addresses, if needed. Each address will have it's own CompanyCam project created at that point. 
  4. Save the job in Housecall Pro and it will receive photos added to the CompanyCam project.
📢 Please Note
  • You can now have multiple CompanyCam projects created for the same Address.
  • You can not sync photos back to jobs created before the integration was set up. A new job must be created to make the link back to Housecall Pro.

Look for the Customer Project at the correct address in CompanyCam and add photos

  1. If the customer or address is newly added, you'll see project at the top of the Project feed in CompanyCam.
  2. Add Photos to that CompanyCam project.
  3. Photos will be added as attachments for the newest Housecall Pro job at that address. You can also edit the photo and add annotations.  A copy of the photo will be sent over to Housecall Pro each time an edit is saved in CompanyCam.

    You can find the link to the CompanyCam project for that Address at the bottom left of the job, right below attachments.

📢 Please Note
  • Photos for every job in Housecall Pro that have been added for that Address will be found under the Address Project in CompanyCam. There will not be multiple projects for jobs at that address.
  • Photos taken in CompanyCam will be sent back to the newest job for that customer address.
  • If you are unable to see the CompanyCam link or attachments in the job, just reload the page and you should be able to see them. 
  • If you add photos to the Customer Project before the job is created, then those photos will not be synced to Housecall Pro.

How to add CompanyCam Projects at new addresses for an Existing Customer

  1. Add the new Address under the customer Dashboard.
  2. Create a New Job using the address that was just added.
📢 Please Note
  • If you Add a new address and then edit the contact before the new job is created in Housecall Pro a CopmanyCam project will be created for that address. But photos will not link back since there isn't a new job at that address to receive photos.

How to add CompanyCam Projects at existing addresses for an Existing Customer

  1. Go to the customer and make sure that the addresses have been added the customer profile.
  2. Select the "edit" icon for Contact info
  3. Select the +EMAIL button. This will allow the "UPDATE" button to be pushed. There is no need to actually enter in an email address. This is a quick, non-intrusive way for you to force sync the new Customer information.
  4. Now go check to see that the CompanyCam projects have been created for each address. If not all of them are not visible at the top of the Project feed, search for the customer name and all projects for that Customer should be there. 
  5. Create the new job for the customer at that address. The newest job in Housecall Pro will be the one that receives photos synced from CompanyCam. If you do not create a new job, photos WILL NOT sync over.

Integration Setup

1. First go into Housecall Pro and go into My Apps at the top of the page. Then go into the App Store. Find CompanyCam and select learn more, then switch on the integration integration by toggling Disabled to Active.

2. Now Open CompanyCam and log in. Select Integrations at the bottom of the menu.
3. Find the Housecall Pro card and select it. 

4. Select Connect on the right. Once here select if you wish to sync Primary Contacts and then click Save. 5. If you have not signed in to Housecall Pro, there will be a prompt telling you to sign in to your account.

6. That's all! You are now ready for smooth documentation in Housecall Pro using CompanyCam. You will find that the 'connect integration' changes to "Connected" when the integration is operating properly.


How to add photos from CompanyCam to an Estimate

**This is a work around to allow some functionality for estimates. Photos will be synced and viewable as attachments. The CompanyCam link won't be viewable in the Estimate, but will be once the information is copied to a Job. This will work using the Housecall Pro website and the mobile Housecall Pro app.

  1. Create a job before you create an Estimate
  2. Select or create a customer in Housecall Pro
  3. Select the Settings Icon toward the upper right of the Job Page
  4. Select Convert to estimate.
  5. Add photos to the corresponding CompanyCam project and they will be synced over to the estimate.

** If you do not see the Attachments in the estimate simply reload the page and they should become visible for you.

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