Scan Documents in Mobile App

  • Login to your CompanyCam app.
  • Open the project you’d like to add a document to. 
  • Tap the blue + icon.

  •  Tap Scan Documents Here.


  • Tap the Documents icon in the project

  • Tap the blue + icon in the upper right corner OR tap the blue Scan Document icon at the bottom of your documents list.

Scanning your Document

  1. Hover your camera over the document you’d like to scan. The camera will show a blue rectangle over the document on your screen as it analyzes it. The rectangle will turn green once the document image has been captured. ** Tips for scanning a document: Make sure you have good lighting and that the document is placed on a flat surface. If possible, have the document on a surface that is of a darker color to help enhance the light quality of the document’s image.
  2. Edit the document as needed and tap Save.
  3. Scan additional documents or tap Save PDF.

Your document should now show up under the “Documents” tab when viewing your project!

To check on this, tap on the Docs tab in your project to view all documents uploaded. Now that your existing documents have been scanned and saved in your project, do you have existing photos you'd like to upload as well? Check out how to upload existing photos through the mobile app into the project of your choice!

If you were hoping to upload documents that you have on your device you can do this by using a web browser on your phone by heading to and going into the project and uploading as you would on a computer.