Changes to CompanyCam settings with iOS 14

Apple recently announced and is rolling out iOS 14. As with many new iOS updates there will be some changes to settings in CompanyCam to be aware of.

Precise Location settings
  • CompanyCam has Precise Location on by default. 
  • You may see issues with your GPS coordinates if you change the setting off Precise Location.
Uploading photos from your camera roll
  • If you've recently reinstalled the app or are downloading the app for the first time there have been changes to access for photos. 
  • If you're uploading for the first time it will prompt you to either allow access to all photos or to select the photos you want to give CompanyCam access to. If you choose to Select photos, only those photos will be shown as available to upload to CompanyCam
  • Both of these can be changed in the app settings by going to the User Profile Icon > Settings > Device Settings and changing the appropriate permissions.  
  • We recommend allowing access to all photos to make sure you have the photos you need available to upload to CompanyCam.