Frequently Asked Questions

Have a quick-hit question? More than likely the answer is here! 

Do I need to sign a contract to use CompanyCam?

Nope. If you love CompanyCam, then we hope you’ll keep using our app, but if not, you can quit at any time!

Do I need to enter a credit card for the free trial of the Pro Plan?

Your first 14 days are completely free. The free trial includes full access to every feature so add your team for free and take unlimited photos.

Once you know you can't live without us, you can add payment info to your account. 

We won't even let you pay early— add your credit card at any time, and you'll never be charged until your free trial is over.

How long do you keep my photos?

As long as you’re a CompanyCam customer, we will never delete any of your photos.

If you stay with us for 10 years, you’ll have 10 years' worth of photos nicely organized so you can find them when you need them. If you ever decide to quit using CompanyCam, you can download your photos before canceling your subscription so you'll still have access to them.

Are my photos secure?

Yes, they are. We use Amazon’s S3 Cloud to store your photos securely online. We also use SSL encryption to form a secure connection with the server while we’re transferring photos. The bottom line is that the only person that has access to your photos is you and your company.

What size are my photos?

The photos that you take in CompanyCam are compressed to the perfect size for quality images, instant upload speed, and minimal data usage.

In the App Settings, you can choose from 3 Resolution/File Size Options: Normal, High, or Super Fine.

  • Normal is 1440px max 
  • High is 1920px max 
  • Super Fine is 2880px max

Will the app take up a lot of storage on my phone?

It will not. CompanyCam saves all of your company’s photos in the cloud so that they don’t take up space on your device.

Will CompanyCam eat up my phone's data plan?

Nope! We compress photos to about a 10 times smaller file size than the average iPhone photo. If you, individually, have a 2GB data plan (like most people do) then you could take over 5,000 photos a month without going over your data limit. The moral of this story is TAKE A LOT OF PHOTOS!

Can I use CompanyCam offline?

Taking photos with low or no cell signal—

The photos that you take in CompanyCam when you have a weak data connection do not upload immediately. The app holds onto these photos until you reach a strong signal (or wifi) and open the app again. 

If photos do not upload when you reach a reliable data connection, tap the Upload Status box > the three dots to the top right > Retry All

Note: Do not delete CompanyCam from your device or the photos that have not yet uploaded will be lost. To check for pending uploads: tap the menu icon in the mobile app (upper left), tap Upload Status.

Creating a project while offline— 

With no data connection, you cannot search for a project in CompanyCam, but you can create a new project and take photos. The project and photos will not upload immediately, but the app will hold this data safely. Reopen the app when you're back to service (or wifi)— the project and photos will then upload.

You can merge projects if there are multiple projects created.  

Can I add video for only specific users?

No; subscription plans can't be applied to users individually. Billing is calculated at the Company Account level and a change in the subscription will apply to all users.

How can I contact someone to get help?

We definitely want to help! See our support hours and how to get help here.