Create a Before and After Photo

Creating a Before/After in CompanyCam is a great way to showcase your work for clients!

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Before you start

On the Web

1. Select any photos. Click the checkmark (upper left corner on the photo) to select a photo.

2. After choosing any two photos, click Create Before & After from the menu at the top of the screen.

3. Edit, Choose a template & Save.

On this next screen: edit photos, swap Before/After position of each photo, and/or choose a template from the bottom of the screen. Once edits are complete, click the Save button (upper right).

The Before/After image that you've created will be tagged Before and After. You can head to the photo feed and filter by that tag and you'll be able to pull up all images that you've created to show to a lead when making a sale. Here's how to filter photos by tags. You'll just hop into the company photo feed and then apply the Before and After tag in the filter.
You can also share that image by hovering over the image, select the (...) menu at the top right and then 'Share.' Copy the link and then paste it into any message that you're sending!
You can include Before and Afters in Gallery links too!

In the app

To Take a Before/After in the Camera Screen:

1. Tap the project you would like to create the Before/After photo in.

2. If you already have your Before photo taken, tap on the photo, then tap on the 3 dots in the lower right corner to open the Options menu.

3. Choose Take After Photo (if you haven't taken your Before photo yet, go ahead and tap the blue plus sign in the project and choose 'Take Photos Here' to capture your first photo, then follow the next steps to take your After Photo).

3. The camera will open for you to take your After photo and display an overlay of your first photo. You can line your photo up by using this overlay image or you can change it with the menu below the capture photo button to be hidden or displayed as an outline. 

Image Overlay (will appear blurry):

Outline Overlay: 

4. Once you line up your photos, tap the capture button to capture it, then select the best template to showcase your work, edit the images if needed, and tap on Save.

6. Share your Before/After or create another one!

Creating a Before/After with Existing Photos:

1. Tap the project you would like to create the Before/After photo in

2. Next to the Photo count, tap on "View All"

3. Tap on Create/Share in the top left corner and then tap on Create Before & After Photo
4. The page will open for you to select your Before Photo, once you've selected that you'll want to tap on Choose in the upper right corner

5. After tapping on Choose, it will open a page for you to select your After Photo. Select the photo you would like to use, then tap on Choose in the upper right corner

4. Select the template that best showcases your work, edit the images if needed, then tap on Save

5. After the photo has been saved, you can then share it or create another one!

* All Before/After photos should automatically be tagged with the "Before and After" tag.

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