Integrate CompanyCam + Contractor's Cloud

*IMPORTANT* Always enter your client's information into Contractor's Cloud first— this creates a connected Project in CompanyCam.

1. Log into the CompanyCam website at, click on your User Icon, and select Integrations.

2. Click the Access Tokens tab and click New Token.

3. Select Contractor's Cloud from the dropdown menu and click Create Token

**Make sure to leave the small box UNCHECKED or your integration won't work.**

4. Highlight the newly created token with your mouse and right click, or click Control-C, to copy the token. (It is a string of random numbers and letters.)

5. Go back to Contractor's Cloud and head to the CompanyCam integration page (Corporate Settings > Integrations > CompanyCam) and paste the access token in the space provided. Click Save Access Token to save.

**It is recommended to click the "Automatically create places within CompanyCam" checkbox. This will allow Contractors Cloud to create projects within CompanyCam.**


What if I need to move photos around in CompanyCam?

If you have CompanyCam photos associated with the wrong CompanyCam Project, you can move those photos around in CompanyCam. Click Here For Complete Instructions.


What if I need to reconnect CompanyCam photos with the correct Lead in Contractor's Cloud?

  1. Log in to your Contractor's Cloud account and choose the correct Lead.
  2. Click on Photos icon (see image below).
  3. Use the drop-down menu, and select the project from your CompanyCam list (see image below).

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