Integrate CompanyCam + JobNimbus

This integration allows CompanyCam and JobNimbus to communicate automatically. All photos and documents added in CompanyCam will sync to JobNimbus instantly, and all Jobs or Contacts created in JobNimbus will instantly sync to CompanyCam.

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Before you start:

  • You must have an active account with both CompanyCam and JobNimbus in order to integrate the two services. 
  • You must have Admin privileges in both CompanyCam and JobNimbus.
  • You must use an Admin email address in both CompanyCam and JobNimbus when setting up the integration.

Connecting the integration

Creating and using the JobNimbus API token

1. Go to the Settings page in JobNimbus

2. Click on API on the bottom left.

3. Click New API Key (blue button) at the top. At the bottom of the token list click in the open/white field and type and select CompanyCam. Click Select Profile and choose Admin from the list, then click Save (blue button).

4. Click Copy to the right of your new Key at the bottom of the list.

5. Open CompanyCam and sign in. Select Integrations on the left menu under resources.

6. Click on Directory.

7. Click Integrate next to JobNimbus.

8. Paste in the API KEY that you copied from your JobNimbus account.

9. Enter the Admin Email Address from JobNimbus.

NOTE: The email entered here must have full permissions in CompanyCam and in JobNimbus in order for the integration to work correctly.

10. Choose to sync Customers or Jobs from JobNimbus to CompanyCam, and save this information by clicking Connect Integration.

The 100 most recent Jobs or Contacts from JobNimbus will push into CompanyCam as projects.

You're not done yet. Just a few more steps!

Creating and using the CompanyCam access token

11. In CompanyCam click on Access tokens:

12. Click New Token (blue button).

13. Select JobNimbus from the drop-down and click Create Token. 

NOTE: DO NOT check the optional settings box. That will make the token Read-Only and it will not function.  

14. Copy the Token.

15. Go back to your JobNimbus account. Go to Settings, and choose CompanyCam from the menu on the left. NOTE: If you do not see CompanyCam in this list, you will need to go to Features and enable CompanyCam.

16. Paste the token from your CompanyCam account and choose Contacts or Jobs. Make sure to choose the same as you did in Step 10. Click Save.

Important details about this integration

To make the integration work smoothly there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind.

  1. On setup the 100 most recent jobs/contacts will sync from JobNimbus to CompanyCam.
    You'll know the integration is set up correctly when you see your JobNimbus jobs/contacts in CompanyCam! If you have an older job/contact that you want to merge over to CompanyCam, simply edit the job/contact name in JobNimbus and save, this will force sync the job/contact to CompanyCam. 
  2. Customers/Jobs will sync from JobNimbus to CompanyCam, but not the other way around.
    Customers/Jobs that you create in JobNimbus will instantly sync to CompanyCam, but projects that you create in CompanyCam will not sync to JobNimbus.
  3. Photos and Documents will sync from CompanyCam to JobNimbus, but not the other way around.
    The photos your company takes in CompanyCam as well as documents that you scan or upload will all instantly be available in JobNimbus. Photos that you take or upload in JobNimbus will not sync to CompanyCam.
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