Merging Projects

**To merge projects, you'll need the Delete Company Projects permission set. If you don't have this permission set, please reach out to an Admin on your company's account to request this permission.**

1. Sign in at

2. Open one of the duplicate projects.

3. Click the Manage button in the upper right corner of the page & then choose Merge Project.

4. In the Search field, start typing the name or address for the duplicate project.

5. A drop-down menu will show all possible projects in your account, click on the correct project.

6. Next, click on the project you'd like to keep. (Note: You can click on the box on the left or the right. You'll see the text and color change to reflect what project will be kept and what project will be deleted. All photos and documents from both projects will now be saved in the project you've selected to keep).

7. Click the blue Merge Projects button.

After merging projects, you can continue to add photos to your project by adding new photos or uploading existing photos saved to your desktop!