Integrate CompanyCam + Teamup

Teamup simplifies how groups share plans, schedule events, and communicate statuses. Color-code calendars for teams, jobs, projects, and bookable resources. Create a Teamup event and this event information will be available in the CompanyCam Mobile app to create a Project. Add photos and they will be synced to the original event in Teamup.

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Before you start

Integrate CompanyCam + Teamup

  1. Go to your Teamup calendar and then go to the menu on the right side.
  2. Select the blue menu icon at the top right then Settings.
  3. Select Sharing.
  4. Create a new link by clicking Create Link.

  5. Name it whatever you'd like - CompanyCam Integration will work if you’re not able to think of something. 
  6. Give CompanyCam permission to make changes - Set it to Modify under basic permissions.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Copy the letters after That is your TeamUp calendar link. Don’t hit the “copy” icon, this will copy the entire URL You just want the ending of the link.
  9. Head over to CompanyCam at
  10. Under the User Menu Select Integrations.
  11. Find the Team up Integration
  12. Paste the id into the “Calendar” field.
  13. Select Connect 

How it works

1. Set up the Integration using the instructions above.

2. Create events as usual in your Teamup Calendar.

3. CompanyCam users will open their mobile app out in the field, tap the blue camera icon and then tap the Teamup tab (this will display all Teamup events for the current day).

4. Tap the correct Teamup Event and a CompanyCam project will be created automatically.

5. Take photos at this CompanyCam Project— photos will sync back into the connected event in Teamup!


  • CompanyCam + Teamup will sync together every 15 minutes.

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