Integrate CompanyCam + Zapier

Follow these steps to set up your integration with Zapier:

1. Get started at by logging in or creating a new account.

2. Select your “Trigger” from the list (Triggers occur when Zapier receives data from CompanyCam) and Click Continue.

3. Click Connect an Account.

4. Click the link to open your CompanyCam account and you'll find your API Key (Access Token).

5. Click New Token.

6. Select Zapier from the drop down list, and select if you'd like Zapier to have read/write or read access only, then click on Create Token.

7. Copy the Access Token.

8. Paste the Access Token into the Zapier window that you already had open, and then click Yes, Continue.

9. Click Test and then Save & Continue.

10. Zapier will then prompt you to Choose an Action App.

There are thousands of choices. Start typing in the search field to choose an app. Examples: Google Drive, Gmail, Trello, Salesforce, etc. 

11. Depending on the 'Action App' that you've selected, the steps that follow will depend on how that app is connected with Zapier. 

Learn more about CompanyCam integrations powered by Zapier.

Questions? Contact our team at or contact Zapier support.

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