How to Create a Project without a Street Address

Here's how to create the project using the GPS coordinates vs. the street address.

At the job site with the Mobile App

1. Open your app

2. Tap Create Project at the top left

3. Move the Map around until the GREEN PIN is exactly where the Project is located.
4. Tap Create at the bottom right

5. Add a Project Name, edit any other information and then tap Create

From the office with the Web App

1. Login at

2. Choose New Project to the right below your user icon to the right

3. Select Place a Pin

4. Use the search field at the top left to get in the general area - Search a highway name, intersection, nearby business, etc

5. Drag the pin to the exact position for the Project

6. Edit the Project information fields on the right, and then click Create Project

After you create a project using GPS Coordinates, any user can arrive at the job site and they will see this project in the nearby projects list.