Integrate CompanyCam + SuccessWare21

  1. Sign into your CompanyCam account on the web. Hover over your user profile in the upper right, then click on Integrations

  2. Click on Access Tokens 
  3. Click on New Token 

  4. Select SuccessWare21 from the dropdown menu. Leave the check box unchecked so that the Access Token has Read and Write permissions. Click on Create Token

  5. Once Token is created copy and paste the Access Token into the SuccessWare21 Access Token Field

  6. Beyond this point you will need to head to Successware21 and finish the sign up process. 
  7. Below are links to a PDF guide and a video to show you how to finish the setup.


If you have any questions regarding the SuccessWare21 side of the integration you can reach out to Michelle at: