Integrate CompanyCam + Job-Dox

Job-Dox is a project management system. Here's how to set up the integration between CompanyCam + Job-Dox.

You'll need to have an active account with Job-Dox and CompanyCam.

First, Generate An Access Token In CompanyCam:

1. Log in at, hover over the upper right corner and choose 'Integrations'.

2. Click 'Access Tokens' 

3. Click New Token

4. Select Job-Dox from the drop-down list; leave the check box unchecked, then click on Create Token

5. Copy the token so that you can paste it into Job-Dox.

Next, Go To Job-Dox, Where You'll Paste This Access Token:

5. Log in to your Job-Dox account and click the 'App Drawer' icon near the top right.

6. Click 'Settings'. Once you are in the 'Settings' section, click on the 'CompanyCam' button on the left. Your menu options may look different than this screen shot, based on what features you have turned on.

7. Click the checkbox to enable the integration. Enter your CompanyCam email address (username) and the Access Token that you generated in your CompanyCam account. Click 'Save'.

Last Step, Let's Validate Your Integration:

Once you click 'Save', Job-Dox will attempt to validate the access token. If there is a problem with of the information you provided, the status will update to "Failed" and you can try again after double-checking your username and access token. Otherwise, it will say "Active".
To test the integration, go create a new project in Job-Dox. If you go to the 'Photos' section of Job-Dox, you will see a new Album entitled "CompanyCam". Opening that album will also give you a link to that project IN CompanyCam in the top-right corner.

Let us know if you have any questions!